Bayern coach on Qatar and vaccinations: Julian Nagelsmann even likes to offend

Bayern coach on Qatar and vaccinations
Julian Nagelsmann even likes to offend

Julian Nagelsmann faces Borussia Dortmund in the top game today. The Bayern coach tells in advance in an interview why he doesn’t want to hide even when it comes to difficult issues, why he treats his stars so easily – and that he may not stay a coach for as long as some think.

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann wants to continue to comment on critical issues. “I don’t just want to put myself in the sunlight here, critical issues are part of it. Not everyone applauds me for my opinion. But that’s what democracy lives from,” said the 33-year-old in an interview with “Welt am Sonntag”. It is his aim to deal with things that happen outside of the lawn at his employer. “And when I am asked about vaccination, the annual general meeting and the Qatar debate, I find it important to give my opinion.”

In times of social media, he is afraid of reactions to controversial topics. “But I can’t prevent the reactions either way. You can’t please everyone. I have to endure a little – and not read everything,” said the football coach. Sometimes he scrolls through the comments on his Instagram account: “It doesn’t make you happy. Personal encounters are worth much more to me.”

Only ten years as a coach?

It is his nature that he goes around the training ground on his skateboard and treats his sometimes older stars easily. “I am a cheerful person and have not written down a catalog that says what a Bundesliga coach is allowed to do and what not. First and foremost, I am in this world as a person, not as a coach,” explained Nagelsmann. The foundation of efficient and successful work is joy, but he knows exactly when it matters.

The Bavarian, who definitely sees himself as a coach for the next eight to ten years, has unusual plans for his future. So he wants to cross the Alps on foot and with a tent in his luggage. “I would also like to do a carpenter apprenticeship or a cookery apprenticeship. Regardless of whether I will ever work in one of these professions,” said Nagelsmann and added: “If I only stop working as a trainer at the age of 70, I don’t know whether I can still start surfing in Portugal. ” Among other things, that is his dream.

He doesn’t need a commitment abroad for a fulfilling career: “It would be okay for me if I stay in Germany. I don’t need a placement abroad for my happiness in life.”

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