Bayreuth – 18-year-old stays at a friend’s house – and stabs her parents to death there


Serious bloody deed in Bayreuth: A young man (18), who stayed in the house of his 16-year-old girlfriend, killed the teenager’s parents. Three other underage children were also in the house at the time of the crime.

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On Sunday night, the police found a married couple stabbed to death in a house.


The act took place in Mistelbach near Bayreuth.

The act took place in Mistelbach near Bayreuth.

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Mistelbach is seven kilometers from Bayreuth.

Mistelbach is seven kilometers from Bayreuth.

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  • A couple was found stabbed to death in the Bavarian town of Mistelbach near Bayreuth.

  • The alleged perpetrator is the 18-year-old friend of the couple’s oldest daughter (16).

  • He turned himself in to the police a few hours after the crime.

The act took place on Sunday night. The family’s neighbors in Mistelbach in the Bayreuth district heard calls for help from the house shortly after midnight and alerted the police. When the officers arrived on site, they found a dead couple in the basement of the house, as reported by The victims are a 51-year-old man, according to the “Bild” newspaper, pediatrician Stefan S., and his 47-year-old wife Antje. Both had stab wounds.

18-year-old Felix S., who had stayed with the family on the night of the crime, quickly became the focus of the investigators. A large contingent was looking for the man. He turned himself in to the police three hours after the bloody act and was arrested without resistance. He was put in custody. The 18-year-old confessed the act to the judge, according to “Bild”.

The alleged perpetrator is a friend of the eldest daughter

As it became known on Monday, the alleged perpetrator is the friend of the couple’s oldest daughter, who, according to, is 16 years old. The investigators ruled out a break-in. The daughter’s three underage siblings were also present in the house – it is still unclear whether they had to watch the crime. You are currently being looked after by the youth welfare office. According to the police, the daughter has nothing to do with the crime.

Nothing is yet known about a possible motive. As the “Bild” reports, Felix S. is said to have moved out of his home shortly before and lived with the later murder victims. After the confession, the judge issued an arrest warrant against Felix S. on suspicion of murder.

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