Be creative: 10 questions for your child that are better than "How was your day?"

What question do you ask your child when you see it after school or day care? "How was your day?" Or maybe: "What did you do today?" Welcome to the club! Non-representative studies from our circle of friends and colleagues have shown that a large majority of parents keep falling back on the classic questions.

The only problem with these questions is that even if they are really asked with genuine interest, they are not very creative. So you don't have to be surprised if the answers are correspondingly monosyllabic. So for example: "Good." Or: "Played."

What we need are better questions. Questions that are surprising. That inspire to tell. Or to think. In short: questions that are simply more fun. In the video above, we have put together a few questions where most of the kids gush away like a waterfall – try it yourself!
But be careful: it is advisable to dose the questions well – after all, the interviews of curious mothers can also quickly become a "momologue", as our colleague Alena very funny describes …

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