Be Green: The Brigtte podcast on sustainability

In the BE-GREEN podcast “Sustainable without a word in front of the mouth”, editor-in-chief Alexandra Zykunov talks to her guests less about what they have already switched to sustainable but – which is much more exciting – what they are currently failing about. Very honest and very open.

Can I only shop fair fashion, but run to a large chain every six months? Can I live plastic-free but throw all the rules overboard while on vacation? Can I call myself eco-mom even though my children only want to eat sausages? Yes, you can, we can – and above all we can talk about it. Because a sustainable lifestyle is not glossy, it is not just as easy-peasy to implement, photographed unpackaged with a fancy filter over it, and I have halved my CO2 footprint. We want to live more sustainably, but we pound, and yes – we sometimes fail. And finally there is a podcast that speaks honestly about these sides of sustainable lifestyle.

Because this is exactly what Alexandra Zykunov, the co-inventor of the sustainable magazine “Brigitte BE GREEN”, will talk about from today in the brand new podcast “Brigitte BE GREEN. Sustainable without mincing words ”. Together with big and small green fluencers, colleagues, friends and experts, she speaks very openly and very honestly about what a sustainable lifestyle really is, what it gives us, but also what it demands of us. Struggles, fails and a lot of laughing at yourself included!

Listen to the first episode here

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Episode 1: "Only fair fashion is also caustic"

In the very first episode, Alexandra talks to the founder of the sustainable online magazine “Viertel Vor” ( and Greenfluencer Anna Schunck about how easy-peasy it is theoretically to simply switch to fair fashion. Because it is not. First, fair fashion is expensive, not everyone can afford it – keyword: privileges. Second, you often look for a wolf when you want to check that the label is really green and not just painted green. And thirdly, let's be honest, we can actually totally forget about strolling because 99 percent of the pretty pedestrian zones don't (yet) have fair parts.

Alexandra Zykunov (left) in conversation with Anna Schunck

So that we don't get ourselves wrong: this episode is not a free ticket to just keep shopping as usual! And we are very well aware of why we chose a sustainable wardrobe! But it was and is certainly not easy-peasy. And that's what we want to talk about and very honestly.

Be Green: The really honest podcast on sustainability

Because who wants a handful of perfect eco? We want millions of imperfect ecos! And we want to talk about everything that happens in between. So that we can all do better in the end. Because: excessive demands have not saved anyone. Especially not the planet. “Brigitte BE GREEN. Sustainable without mincing words. ”A really, REALLY honest podcast on sustainability. Be sure to listen!