Béaba launches Babycook Smart, a connected cooker-mixer for babies


Béaba is launching its new robot cooker-mixer for babies, called Babycook Smart. Although it looks like the Babycook Neo at first sight, this connected model features a color touch screen, recipes and various technologies to simplify parents’ lives.

Béaba Babycook Smart

Introductory price 430 €

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Preparing small pots yourself can become a headache. Thanks to the connected version of the Babycook, Béaba suggests tailor-made recipes according to the preferences saved on the Béaba&Moi application; what simplify the life of parents. The French manufacturer offers options that can be adapted to baby’s diet, such as gluten-free or cow’s milk diets, for example.

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Once the specifics have been recorded via the smartphone application, adapted and personalized menus are immediately available. The user can then navigate between the different recipes and progress step by step via the touch screen, which also displays the cooking time in real time. Equipped with a scale, the robot thinks of everything and is self-sufficient to prepare all kinds of small pots.

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Just like the Babycook Neo, this version has a defrosting, reheating, mixing and, of course, steam cooking mode. The latter is supposed to preserve the nutritional qualities of food through gentle cooking. The capacity of the bowl also remains the same with 1.25 l. Once the cooking is finished, the user can launch a self-cleaning cycle of said bowl and of the stainless steel basket, even if these elements are dishwasher safe. The stainless steel blades are removable, which greatly facilitates their maintenance.

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The cooker-mixer robot is available on the French manufacturer’s website and on those of several retailers at a price of 430 €. When you love baby, you don’t count…

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