Beat Saber won’t skip PS VR2

One of the most popular games in the young history of virtual reality, Beat Saber was still independent when released on PS VR in November 2018. In November 2019, Beat Games became an Oculus studio, while continuing to provide additional content to all platforms, including PS VR. Since PS VR2 is not backwards compatible with games from its predecessor, being able to play Beat Saber on the PS5 headset was anything but guaranteed, but Beat Games confirmed at CES 2023 that its popular rhythm game will get its PS VR2 version. In the other direction, remember that a game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment has been confirmed on Meta Quest 2, namely Marvel’s Iron Man VR, a game developed by the Camouflaj studio which is now part of Oculus.

The people want answers

The details of the announcement end here, however. In addition to the question of the release date, many PS VR players who have invested in the title’s numerous additional content hope that they will not need to buy back said content on the new generation headset. A free upgrade for those who already own the game on PS4 would also be welcome, but this is not guaranteed. While some games will indeed offer changing generations at no additional cost, such as No Man’s Sky, After the Fall, Pistol Whip, this will not be the case with Moss and Moss: Book II, for example.

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