“Beat the Star”: Laura Karasek wins the duel of the power women

“Beat the celebrity”
Laura Karasek wins the duel of the power women

Laura Karasek and Motsi Mabuse competed against each other in “Beat the Star”.

© ProSieben / Steffen Z. Wolff

Presenter Laura Karasek and dancer Motsi Mabuse had an exciting head-to-head race on “Beat the Star”.

On Saturday evening (July 23) two powerful women met in the TV show “Schlag den Star”: presenter, author and lawyer Laura Karasek (40) and professional dancer and “Let’s Dance” juror Motsi Mabuse (41). After 14 rounds of the game, Karasek won the duel that ProSieben announced as “perhaps the hottest dance of the year”. She was able to look forward to a prize money worth 100,000 euros.

Karasek was already confident of victory in advance: “Dear Motsi, on Saturday you dance to my tune. When I’m done with you, you won’t even be able to do the duck dance,” was her announcement. The opponent countered with: “Today I’m stepping out of line. You’re a lawyer? Do you sue me if you lose? You’re gonna lose, girl!” (in German: “You’re going to lose, girl!”)

Exciting exchange of blows

The games were much more peaceful. In the meantime, the competitors even cheered each other on. Despite the harmony, there was tension: Laura Karasek and Motsi Mabuse were tied for a long time. After the eighth game it was 18:18. But then there were more points to get. Karasek took a decisive step towards 100,000 euros with her victory in moderator Elton’s (51) cult quiz “Blame or collect”.

Motsi Mabuse caught up immediately. After twelve rounds the score was 40:38 for Laura Karasek. She also managed to get in the games “Set, 10!” and “Tabletop Shuffleboard” and made herself the winner of “Beat the Star” around one o’clock in the morning.

Laura Karasek: experience was “nerve-wracking” and “exciting”

“Congratulations on 100,000 euros!” the team of the TV show wrote on social media afterwards a photo of the beaming winner. Fair loser Motsi Mabuse commented on the picture with heart emojis and the words: “Well done Laura! You did a great job”.

Under a selfie together Mabuse congratulated her opponent again and thanked ProSieben for the invitation. She would have had fun.

“Motsi, you were so great and I enjoyed it so much with you,” said Laura Karasek then in a story on her Instagram channel. Participating in “Schlag den Star” was “one of the most nerve-wracking and exciting things I’ve ever been able to do professionally”.


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