“Beat the Star”: Olivia Jones relies on “Katja’s intelligence”

“Beat the celebrity”
Olivia Jones relies on “Katja’s intelligence”

Who will win the duel in “Schlag den Star”: Olivia Jones (left) or Katja Burkard?

© ProSieben / Steffen Z Wolff

Shortly before their “Schlag den Star” duel, Olivia Jones and Katja Burkard do not mince their words. Who will lose out in the end?

Katja Burkard (56) and Olivia Jones (52) surprise shortly before their “Schlag den Star” duel on Saturday (November 27th, 8:15 pm, ProSieben) with tough challenges. “I’ll get straight to the point: I’ll give you 12 rounds, then the winner is certain – and that’s me. Then I pulled all your feathers out,” Burkard shoots in the direction of her opponent.

“You can get rid of the victory,” explains Jones confidently. “And I know my way around removing make-up. My tactic: I lean back and just rely on Katja’s intelligence. Fortunately, there isn’t that much to be had,” she continues, with little charm.

The drag queen and the “Punkt 12” presenter compete against each other in up to 15 rounds in “Schlag den Star”. The winner receives 100,000 euros. Elton will lead through the evening, Ron Ringguth comments. The two opponents get musical support from Michael Patrick Kelly with “Throwback” and Nico Suave & Teesy feat. Love all stars with “This world needs love”.


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