“Beat the Star”: These are the winners of the first duo edition

“Beat the celebrity”
These are the winners of the first duo edition

“Beat the Star”: The BossHoss against Özcan Cosar and Bastian Bielendorfer.

© ProSieben / Steffen Z. Wolff

In “Schlag den Star” two celebrity duos competed for the first time. Who was victorious: The BossHoss or Bastian Bielendorfer and Özcan Cosar?

On May 27th there was a premiere in the latest edition of the ProSieben game show “Schlag den Star”: Two celebrity duos competed against each other for the first time. Sascha Vollmer (51) and Alec Völkel (51) from the band The BossHoss fought comedians Bastian Bielendorfer (39) and Özcan Cosar (42) from the podcast “Bratwurst and Baklava”.

Team BossHoss vs. Team “Bratwurst and Baklava”

The two teams dueled until late into the night before a decision finally came in “BallBall”, game 14. At the same time, they had to throw tennis balls at a basketball and push it over the opponent’s line. In the end, Bielendorfer and Cosar emerged as the winners, exhausted but happy.

Before the show, The BossHoss correctly assessed the strains they would face. “The show is going […] incredibly long, which will be very exhausting, so we have a very healthy respect for it,” Völkel revealed in an interview with the news agency spot on news at the beginning of May. “Thank you for holding out for so long,” thanked the moderator Elton (52) at the end of the show accordingly with the audience.

“We can’t believe it ourselves, we’re so exhausted,” said Cosar after the show in a clip on Instagram. “I sleep for a week,” joked colleague Bielendorfer. They not only thanked the viewers, but also the “best opponents and now friends” of The BossHoss “for the brilliant evening”. Völkel commented: “Guys, congratulations! You were great and the best opponents. Played super fair, it was a lot of fun. What a match!”

In two weeks, on June 10th, the station will show the next episode of “Schlag den Star”. As Elton has already revealed, presenter Rebecca Mir (31) and actress Nilam Farooq (33) will compete against each other.


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