Beatrice Egli: Big news – did you suspect it too?


#at home

The past few weeks, Beatrice Egli has taken us on a trip back home. Only via Instagram, but at least she let us all participate. We were allowed to watch digitally how Beatrice bit into the food that she was after #at home tastes (the sausage from the local butcher and Kaiserschmarrn). We could see her #at home walked through the beautiful city of Lucerne. We followed Sunday, like Beatrice #at home wandered from café to café. In short: we were there like you #at home properly recharged – which she can use, but more on that later. Do you recognize the scheme?

With exactly 13 posts under the hashtag "at home" Beatrice really excited us about the torture. But the wait is over. Finally Beatrice comes out with the language. Did you maybe guess?


A long-awaited wish comes true for me. Very soon there will be a very intimate and very close concert tour of mine. "At home tour 2020" through Germany Austria and Switzerland. We will spend an unforgettable and musical time together in a very small and personal setting.

The fans are completely thrilled. "How awesome it is that I'm looking forward to it," says a fan happily. Another follower enthusiastically comments: "Do gumpt mis Herz grad id Höchsti". We only understood half of it, but we think the fans are happy. The tour bears the proud name "Bei Mir Zuhaus". And we can already guess that the concerts will show Beatrice Egli up close and personal. We are excited!

Beatrice Egli – Facts and Figures

  • Beatrice Egli is a Swiss pop singer and moderator.
  • She became famous for "Germany is looking for the superstar". She won the tenth season.
  • Her first single was "Mein Herz", which was number one on the charts in Germany for 24 weeks.
  • Beatrice Egli was born on June 21, 1988.

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