Beau Is Afraid: This is what the new horror comedy starring Joaquin Phoenix looks like


Beau Is Afraid is a dark comedy directed by Ari Aster and will be released in theaters shortly. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as an anxious protagonist.

  • Beau Is Afraid is a surreal horror comedy from Midsommar director Ari Aster.
  • The film will be shown in German cinemas from May 2023 and was released in the USA on April 14, 2023.
  • Experience Joaquin Phoenix as the unfortunate main character. Also starring are Nathan Lane, Zoe Lister-Jones, Parker Posey and many more.

With Beau Is Afraid A new film by director Ari Aster will soon be released in German cinemas, which shows Joaquin Phoenix in top form and promises a confusing but moving story. Here we tell you all the information about the start, plot and cast of the “Nightmare Comedy”.

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Beau Is Afraid: Start Date

The German cinema release of “Beau Is Afraid” is on May 11, 2023. The film was released a month earlier in the US. It is not yet known whether the film will be released on a streaming platform afterwards.

Beau Is Afraid: Trailer

There is already a German trailer for “Beau Is Afraid” in which you can see a grizzled and unhappy looking Joaquin Phoenix. The clip doesn’t reveal much about the plot of the film. The protagonist Beau wants to visit his mother, but is being held by mysterious strangers. The whole thing seems like a fever dream.

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Beau Is Afraid: Storyline

The film is about Beau Wasserman, the son of rich and famous entrepreneur Mona. He grows up without a father because he died before he was born. Mona claims her husband died during an orgasm that conceived Beau. Her son is said to have the same condition, which is why Beau avoids sex.

Although Beau falls in love with a girl named Elaine as a teenager, he remains a virgin into adulthood. As a man, he suffers from an anxiety disorder and lives alone in a crime-ridden city. His closest contact is his mother, who showers him with love.

When Beau actually wants to leave the house one day and visit his mother by plane, a chain of crazy events begins that puts his life in danger. Soon he finds himself in captivity and tries to escape.

Beau Is Afraid: Cast

Alongside Joaquin Phoenix (“Joker”) in the title role, you can catch Patti LuPone (“Pose”) as his mother, Mona. The younger versions of the two characters are played by Armen Nahapetian and Zoe Lister-Jones (“Life in Pieces”). Other roles include Parker Posey (“Lost in Space”), Amy Ryan (“Only Murders in the Building”), Richard Kind (“The Watcher”), Nathan Lane (“Penny Dreadful: City of Angels”), and Michael Gandolfini Theodore Pellerin.

Beau Is Afraid: Production

“Beau Is Afraid” is produced by the film company A24. As well as directing, Ari Aster wrote the screenplay and is one of the executive producers along with Lars Knudsen. The music for the film comes from The Haxan Cloak.

The Netzwelt forecast for “Beau Is Afraid”

“Beau Is Afraid” seems to have its very own style and moves between horror, comedy and art film. Not every movie fan will like this. Nevertheless, the film could have a good chance with critics and art film lovers. Joaquin Phoenix’s acting performance will certainly convince and the cast of the other roles also makes one curious about the self-proclaimed “nightmare comedy”. Ari Aster, who already created a very original horror flick with “Midsommar”, writes his own film rules and could be successful with “Beau Is Afraid”.

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14 April 2023

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