Beau Willimon: "House of Cards" creator adapts the board game "Risk"

Beau Willimon
"House of Cards" creator adapts the board game "Risk"

Beau Willimon will turn a board game into a series.

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"House of Cards" creator Beau Willimon is devoting himself to an extraordinary project: He is creating the board game "Risk" as a series.

While many series makers are currently relying on new editions and sequels of well-known formats, producer and screenwriter Beau Willimon (43) is taking on a completely new challenge: The "House of Cards" creator will adapt the well-known classic game "Risk" as a series. As "Deadline" reports, Willimon developed the series on behalf of the entertainment studio eOne, which has entered into a partnership with the "Risk" game manufacturer Hasbro. Exactly how Willimon wants to bring the strategy game to life is not yet known.

"Risk" was launched in the USA in 1959 under the name Risk. Risk has its roots in the French game "La Conquête du Monde", which was published back in 1957. "In the event of risk, the players put their armies on the board in a tactical way to strategically occupy these areas. But while they try to conquer more lands, the opposing armies are already in position and attack," explains Hasbro his classic on his Website.

A series adaptation brought him great success

From 2012 to 2016 Willimon worked as the showrunner of the political drama series "House of Cards" about cunning MPs in the US Congress. The series was created as an extended adaptation of the BBC miniseries "Ein Kartenhaus", which in turn is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Dobbs (72). In 2018, the Netflix production was turned off with a sixth season.