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Botox & Co. during pregnancy?
That's what the experts say about the celebrity rumors


There are endless rumors of beauty surgery during pregnancy in the celebrity world. Model Emily Ratajkowski has just commented on this. Totally exaggerated or absolutely ok? We clarify.

A lot changes in pregnancy. Not only for us mere mortals, but also for stars and starlets. And as is so often the case, opinions differ on a wide variety of topics, including botox and hyaluronic acid. Just recently there were rumors about the full lips of the pregnant Emily Ratajkowski, 29.

Did these stars do it?

Followers on Instagram had rumored that the model had her lips injected – and that during pregnancy. Of course, the beauty could not offer that and took a position: "I've never had my lips injected, but you should definitely not do it during pregnancy," she recently wrote in her Instastory.

By the way, Emily Ratajkowski is not the only celebrity lady who takes a stand on this issue. Ann-Kathrin Götze, 31, recently mentioned in her Instagram story that, although she had Botox injected, she never did it during pregnancy. And even the Queen of Lipinjections, Kylie Jenner, 23, had to go without it during her pregnancy. So the topic seems to be serious even for celebrities.

Model Chrissy Teigen, 35, on the other hand, said on Twitter last year that she suffered from very severe migraines during her pregnancy. That's why she got botox injections. She already had an answer to negative and instructive comments from her followers: "If you have the opportunity to go to a neurologist instead of a beautician, it is not only better, but also safer." So rumors about the beauty procedures of the pregnant stars keep coming up, but should such treatments even be carried out?

Clearly: no. At least that's what Dr. med. Andrea Wolff and Dr. med. Isabel Edusei from the Wolff & Edusei practice in Berlin. The specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery specialize in high-quality beauty treatments with hyaluronic acid fillers from Juvéderm. In the GALA interview, the doctors explained the issue to us.

Interventions during pregnancy? That's what the experts advise

Dr. med. Andrea Wolff (left) and Dr. med. Isabel Edusei.

Dr. med. Andrea Wolff (left) and Dr. med. Isabel Edusei.

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GALA: What effects can treatment have during pregnancy?

Understandably, no studies are carried out in this area, so possible side effects from the use of botulinum toxin type A and hyaluronic acid during pregnancy are unknown and cannot be assessed.

For this reason, the manufacturer does not recommend the use of Vistabel, an aesthetic botulinum toxin A preparation (Botox for short), during pregnancy and in women of childbearing potential who do not use contraceptives. Vistabel is also not recommended during breastfeeding, as it is not known whether substances are excreted in breast milk.

In the case of treatments with hyaluronic acid fillers, there is also the fact that the additives in hyaluronic acids have not been adequately investigated with regard to the consequences for pregnancy and breastfeeding, and here, too, possible side effects are unknown. In addition, in rare cases, complications such as infections can occur through the injection of fillers, which one would like to avoid during pregnancy. This risk does not justify purely aesthetic use.

Are there alternatives that are allowed, in other words: Which treatments can pregnant women safely carry out?

Before planning a pregnancy, pregnant women should make sure that they are at an optimal level with regard to their beauty treatments, as a "dry spell" follows first. This should be bridged by cosmetic treatment concepts.

From what point in time can treatments be carried out again?

Treatments may be carried out again after the birth or after the end of breastfeeding. When it comes to hyaluronic acids, it should be noted that the skin of the face is often still very saturated after the birth due to the hormones and treatment is not necessary immediately afterwards.

It is up to her whether every pregnant woman – whether celebrity or not – adheres to this recommendation. The fact is, most celebrities are well aware of this. And just in case, it is always better to discuss the whole thing with an expert. Safety First!

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