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Recognize the expiration date of cosmetics

When purchasing your beauty products, you may notice that a small symbol representing an open jar is inscribed on one of the walls, accompanied by a numbered inscription. he indicates the number of months limit of use once the pot has been opened: 6M for six months, 8M for eight months … Know that as long as it has not been opened, a cosmetic product can be stored for a very long time without the slightest risk.

If you have any doubts about the freshness of your mascara, cream or nail polish: observe them. Yes the texture has changed (more lumpy, drier or more difficult to apply), it is already that the product has lived well. If the color of your treatment has changed or if you feel that his scent has changed, which he seems to have "turned": don't take a risk and throw it away. Prevention is better than cure.

Expired cosmetics = beware of danger

Creams, lipsticks, mascaras … apply beauty products whose time limit has been exceeded on your face can pose a high risk of infection. Indeed, these products have been in contact with your skin or your mucous membranes and can become real bacteria nests. You risk a rash of small pimples, redness, or worse skin or eye infection. This is also why we strongly advise against trying out beauty products in stores, the latter probably already infected by the multiple manipulations on a daily basis. So stay vigilant!

Take no risk

As you will have understood, it is therefore very important to pay attention to expiration dates of its cosmetics. Note that all beauty products relating to the eyes (mascaras, eyeshadows, make-up removing lotion, etc.) cannot be kept for more than six months, foundations hold very well for about a year, perfumes keep for about two years without the fragrance being altered …

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