Beauty tips: This is how your summer tan stays fresh for a long time after your vacation

Beauty tips
So the summer tan stays fresh for a long time after the holiday

After the vacation, the skin needs a lot of moisture.


A golden brown suntan is the most beautiful holiday souvenir. With these tips, the tan will last into the fall.

The vacation is over and everyday life starts again – the only memento that remains from the vacation is the summer tan. But in low temperatures and cloudy weather, it disappears quickly. With a few tips and tricks, you can keep your summer complexion as long as possible and shine with a summery glow into autumn.

Proper preparation

Getting a tan doesn’t just start after your vacation – you should create the right basis for a sustainable summer tan before sunbathing. Regular peeling ensures that dead skin cells do not stay on the skin. The general rule is: Well-cared-for skin tans better and more sustainably. In addition to adequate moisture care, this also includes a balanced diet and a balanced vitamin balance. Particularly important: beta-carotene. The vitamin can protect the skin from sun damage and allergies and ensure an even tan. If you are striving for an even tan and want to protect your skin, you should take carotene tablets every day before your vacation.

Sunbathe properly

One of the most important factors for a long-lasting tan: how to deal with the sun properly. Especially at the beginning you shouldn’t expose your skin to the blazing sun for too long, at most a few minutes a day. In the first few days of your vacation, it is advisable to mainly stay in the shade – you get tanned there too. Don’t forget: apply enough sunscreen. Even skin types that are not prone to sunburn should not be in the sun without sunscreen.

Moisturize the skin

After sunbathing, the skin is particularly thirsty – this applies even days and weeks later. Products with aloe vera in particular have a moisturizing effect and soothe tense skin. This also ensures that the tan lasts longer. Long hot showers or even baths dry out the skin even more and should therefore be avoided.