Beauty trend 2021: concealer glasses are conquering the internet

concealer glasses
This makeup trend is taking over the internet right now

The concealer glasses are going viral on the internet.

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The night was short again, the alarm clock rings much too early. The result: deep, dark circles under the eyes that make us look ten years older. But that’s over now, because the latest concealer hack should make our under-eye circles disappear in seconds.

TikTok has already given us quite a few hacks and at the end of the year the social platform is again trumping with a new concealer technique. And it has it all, because the so-called concealer glasses should make even the strongest circles under the eyes disappear in no time. We’ll tell you how to replicate the viral make-up trend.

Concealer glasses: This is behind the trend

Everything we’ve learned about applying our beloved concealer we need to jettison for a moment. Because with the viral make-up trend, the product is applied in a completely different way than we have done before – in the form of glasses. What sounds like a bad joke catches on with users and apparently works wonders.

Make-up concealer hack: That’s how it works!

To achieve the desired result, we grab a concealer that’s a shade or two lighter than our natural skin tone. If you like to use foundation in your make-up routine, it is best to apply it before the concealer glasses.

Now use the little applicator sponge of your concealer to paint a kind of glasses frame on your face. Means: two round circles around your eyes, the bridge on your nose and the temples pointing slightly diagonally upwards towards your temples. Then blend with a make-up sponge and et voilà – the concealer glasses are done.

This is what the concealer glasses do

We have already mentioned that the concealer glasses make even the strongest circles under the eyes disappear. But the trend can do even more than that. Because the temples are painted on, we achieve an immediate lifting effect that naturally conjures up cat eyes a là Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid. The concealer method is also excellent as a primer for eyeshadow, as the product is applied directly to the eyelid and then blended. This saves us time and product in our morning make-up routine without having to cut back on our make-up – an absolute win-win situation for us!

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