Beauty trend 2021: This lipstick color will be very popular in 2021

Beauty addicts watch out!
This is the most popular lipstick color in 2021

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Even if the mouth and nose cover is still our constant companion, many of us are growing again in desire for a beautiful lipstick. But which color will be particularly popular in 2021? We’ll tell you.

When it comes to the perfect lipstick color, opinions often differ. Classic red or do you prefer subtle beige? While this question hardly played a role last year, in 2021 we will again dare to go to the lipstick shelf in our trusted beauty store more often. At least that is what the Klarna trend report has now determined and also reveals which tones are currently very popular with buyers in Germany and Austria. And so much in advance: The current front runner is unlikely to surprise one or the other of you.

Beige vs. dark red

Because at a time when the pandemic is still omnipresent and the mask is still our constant companion, most of us prefer to use subtle tones that are closest to our own lip color. Expressed in numbers: 25 percent of all beauty-loving people between the ages of 18 and 44 will wear a subtle beige tone on their lips in 2021. After all, 23 percent of those surveyed prefer a light pink, while 15 percent will continue to focus on bright nuances in 2021 and use lipsticks in dark red.

Fun fact: There are many singles in the dark red faction, as Klarna claims to have found out. Lipstick lovers who live in a relationship, on the other hand, take it a little more subtle and prefer pink and pink tones.

Welcome back, lip gloss!

Lipstick is on the rise again, but in 2021 it will face competition from (almost) its own ranks. A well-tried classic that has meanwhile disappeared from the scene for reasons that have hitherto been inexplicable, is now celebrating a brilliant beauty comeback at the latest: the lip gloss. The purchases made through Klarna confirm a sales increase of 17 percent.

“The best lip booster is above all a glossy gloss. The pigments contained in lip glosses reflect the light and make the lips appear fuller,” reveals Stephanie Dettmann, co-founder of Und Gretel, when asked by Klarna.

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