Beauty trend 2021: We tested the dermatologist for at home

Acne at 32!
I tested the dermatologist at home – and this is what my face looks like now

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Impure skin can be quite stressful, I felt that firsthand. Formula Skin promises dermatological care via the screen – but does that actually replace the doctor around the corner? i did the test!

Oh, with the lovely hormones it's sometimes such a thing. You think you have them under control, they do what they want. In my case that means: late acne at the age of 32! Painful inflammation of the face, annoying pimples and lots of deposits – something that I didn't even have to contend with during puberty suddenly catches up with me in adulthood. Unpleasant. Reason enough to tackle the subject of skin care from scratch and adapt it to the new needs.

My first point of contact in this case: the dermatologist I trust, of course. It's just stupid when it is totally overloaded and has no more appointments for the next few months. So it was all the more convenient for me to receive a special e-mail in which a new, telemedical concept specifically for skin issues such as acne, impurities, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and anti-aging was presented. Seen, read, tested! And the magic word that wants to declare war on my acne tarda from now on is Formula Skin!

The concept of Formula Skin

The special thing about the concept: It was developed by dermatologists and is also looked after by them. After the analysis, which takes place on the basis of an online anamnesis sheet and pictures of the actual condition of the skin, the dermatologists put together a treatment plan and the so-called formula. This is tailored as best as possible to the respective needs and then individually mixed by hand for each customer. After only two days, my very personal skincare package fluttered to my home, consisting of a mild cleansing gel, a moisturizing day care and the medicinal cream, which is enriched with individual and highly effective ingredients to put an end to my acne. So far, so easy!

Acne at 32 !: I tested the dermatologist at home - and this is what my face looks like now

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From now on I stick to my personal treatment plan every day and I quickly notice how my skin is getting used to the new care. After a brief initial deterioration, the dermatologist had warned me that this was completely normal, my skin actually calmed down quite quickly. Some of the inflammation has subsided and a lot of the nasty deposits have made their way out. (Not nice, but necessary!) During the treatment, I had the option of using check-ups at any time, in which I could put my questions to the dermatologist. The first check-up is due four weeks later. Means: Upload new photos of the actual condition of the skin and receive a new treatment plan including new special care.

The result can be seen (again)

My skin at the start of the treatment (left), after four weeks (middle) and now (right)

My skin at the start of the treatment (left), after four weeks (middle) and now (right)

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After several weeks I can finally say that my skin has almost regained its usual condition. Smaller impurities here and there are hardly worth mentioning and are hardly noticeable compared to before. The online support from the dermatologists worked wonderfully in my case. Whenever questions arose, they were answered quickly and in addition to care, other tips on nutrition for acne and general handling of problem skin ensured that I reached my goal even faster.

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