Beauty trend: You can’t avoid these nail polish colors now

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These are the most popular nail polish colors in 2021

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Red, blue or yellow – when it comes to manicures, it can sometimes not be colorful enough for us. One color is clearly ahead of the game this year. We’ll tell you here which nail polish color is meant and which nuances will also be convincing in 2021.

Colorful, subtle, pointed or short – every woman has her own preferences when it comes to manicures. In 2021, the selection of colors, shapes and gadgets for nails never seems to have been bigger, but are we really that keen to experiment when it comes to our hands? Or do we still use classic nail polish colors? Payment provider Klarna has investigated this question and published an interesting beauty report. We have gathered the most important insights for you.

Nail polish: This color has the edge in 2021

Unfortunately, those who bet on the pastel trend are wrong. Red tones can continue to expand their popularity in 2021. Strictly speaking, it is the dark tones that convince. 21 percent of trend and beauty-savvy consumers say they prefer dark red nail polishes. Classical red tones can be found in second place and another classic, pink nails, can secure itself in third place.

Klarna Trend Report: Manicure

Klarna Trend Report: Manicure

© Klarna / PR

One thing is certain: the majority are not into experiments. It is interesting, however, that color preferences for manicures are very dependent on the respective generation. While dark red is clearly the favorite with Generation X and Millennials, the trend-conscious Generation Z is particularly impressed by pastel and brown tones.

Nail polish trend: men prefer these colors

Klarna not only asked women about their color preferences for manicures, men were also allowed to comment. Around a third of the men surveyed say they like shades of red. Particularly interesting: the color yellow can convince both men and women.

Manicure trend: this is now in and out

In the past few years, the rule of thumb for manicures: the longer, the better. In 2021 the trend will be towards naturalness again. Oval nail shapes are again more in demand than pointed claws.

According to Klarna, conspicuous leo patterns are replaced by more delicate decorative elements such as glitter or colored French manicure in nail design. You are definitely right with a micro manicure in 2021. The minimalist designs are classy and simple at the same time.

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