Beauty trends 2022: 5 products that made it into our beauty bag in July

Beauty editor reveals
5 products that made it into your beauty bag in July

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What products can the editors simply not do without? Our editors ask themselves this question every month and open their beauty bags for you. This month, Hannah shows which products are simply indispensable in everyday life.

There are exciting new products every day on the beauty market! But in addition to the exciting short-term affairs, there are also products that have conquered my heart for a long time and have become an integral part of my beauty routine!

Trinny London: BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum

Glow To Go! As I have severe freckles I am not a fan of heavy coverage foundations. I like it light, natural and above all with a good portion glow. When a friend told me that tinted serum from Trinny London recommended, my expectations were high – and they were exceeded. The serum is easy to spread, perfects the skin, conceals redness and leaves an incredibly fresh look.

Elta MD: UV Clear Facial Sunscreen

Anyone who knows me knows that my skin is very sun sensitive is. SPF So 50 on the face is an absolute MUST for me! I’ve been looking for the perfect sun protection for a long time and thanks to TikTok, Instagram and Co. I found it.theElta MD UV ClearFacialsunscreen is one of the most popular sunscreens on the internet for a reason. The cream is super light and leaves neither a greasy nor white film on the skin. Mixed with that tinted Serum is my absolute Ride Or Die Combo!

Charlotte Tilbury: Movie Star Bronze & Glow

Where we are on the topic glow are! I’ve been buying these for years Movie Star Bronze & glow“-Pallet by Charlotte Tilbury. Of the bronzer gives my pale skin a healthy complexion without being overpowering. The highlighter provides the final touch!

Briefs: Pure Silk Scruchnies

the Silk scrubnies from Slip have completely replaced my original hair ties in my everyday life. While at home I like to go big scrunchie made of silk, the smaller hair ties fit perfectly every beauty bag and are always on hand when my hair bothers me. The special thing about the hair bands: The luxury material avoids hair breakage and unpleasant kinks in the hair. PS: Not only in my beauty bag slip is pulled in. I also rely on the brand for my pillow!

Benefit: BADgal BANG! Waterproof mascara

The wait is finally over! For longer days I just can’t do without a waterproof mascara. So the excitement was huge when Benefit released their legendary mascara in the waterproof version! It adds length, density and most importantly to me, it lasts forever!


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