Because manufacturer does not react: activists remove products contaminated with mineral oil from supermarkets

After neither the manufacturer nor the regulatory authorities reacted, activists from Foodwatch removed a number of Knorr products from the shelves themselves. Here we summarize what the action is all about.

At the end of 2021, Foodwatch had already published two laboratory analyzes in which contamination with mineral oils (MOAH) was detected. The soup cubes and sauces from Knorr, which belongs to the Unilever group, were apparently particularly affected. The activists then called for the products to be recalled. While this also happened in France, the manufacturer and the control authorities in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands did nothing.

As Foodwatch now writes in a press release, they became active themselves: The activists removed the Knorr products from the supermarket shelves on their own to “protect consumers”. At the same time, the action should also be understood as a sign with which the demand for an “immediate public recall” should be emphasized.

Foodwatch does not reveal in the press release which markets and which regions were involved.

“Violating food law”: Knorr products contaminated with mineral oil

Knorr, Nutella and Co.: In tests at the end of 2021, mineral oil contamination was found in many products.
Knorr, Nutella and Co.: In tests at the end of 2021, mineral oil contamination was found in many products.

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In the past, Foodwatch has repeatedly criticized Unilever’s position that “Knorr products contaminated with mineral oils suspected of being carcinogenic are harmless to health”. According to Saskia Reinbeck from Foodwatch, the group violates food law if the contaminated products are simply resold.

As early as next week, an important meeting will take place at EU level, at which the foodwatch results will also be discussed. The activists demand that the meeting on February 28th make it clear that MOAH “poses a health risk even in the smallest amounts”.

“Food should not be placed on the market if it is not safe. We urgently need an EU-wide zero tolerance limit for aromatic mineral oils for all food, so that such cases do not repeat themselves and manufacturers like Unilever cannot evade responsibility.” , according to Reinbeck.

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