Because of 18,000 ghost flights: Ryanair makes fun of Lufthansa

Because of 18,000 ghost flights
Ryanair makes fun of Lufthansa

In December Lufthansa boss Spohr announced: In order not to lose take-off and landing rights, the airline allegedly has to carry out 18,000 useless flights in winter. The Irish low-cost airline then swipes and has a solution to the problem at hand.

The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair made fun of allegedly planned “ghost flights” by competitor Lufthansa. “We have the solution: sell cheap tickets,” tweeted Ryanair. At the same time, the airline appealed to the EU Commission to allocate unused take-off times elsewhere. The background to this is the announcement by Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr in December that the airline would have to “carry out 18,000 additional, useless flights just to secure our take-off and landing rights”. “Lufthansa weeps crocodile tears with a view to the environment, but is ready to do anything to keep its time window”, explained Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary.

France’s Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari interpreted the statements made by Lufthansa as a pure negotiation strategy. “We will make sure that no European airline is forced to empty flights,” he said. Until now, it has been the rule that an airline can only permanently keep a time window for a take-off or landing if it actually uses it in at least 80 percent of cases. Due to the numerous flight cancellations during the pandemic, this rule has been suspended.

Low cost airlines like Ryanair complained because they were interested in the slots themselves. Since March 2021, airlines have had to use 50 percent of their time slots in order to be able to keep them – this is viewed by many airlines as unrealistic, as air traffic is still severely restricted by the pandemic.

Finnair cancels a fifth of all flights

The Finnish airline Finnair is now canceling a fifth of its flights in February due to many Corona failures. “The Omikron variant and the flu season have led to a significant increase in sick leave among Finnair employees and their partners,” said Finnair. The airline wants to avoid last-minute changes by canceling flights.

Finnair wanted to cancel flights on routes with many connections, the airline said. Customers then have the chance to get a flight at a different time. Destinations such as Stockholm, Oslo, Paris or Rome are affected. The airline announced that the start of the new long-haul connection to Dallas in the USA will be postponed; Connections to Asia are also being thinned out. These connections are important business for the company.

The majority of Finnair is owned by the state. In the corona pandemic, the airline announced in 2020 that it would cut a thousand jobs, around 15 percent of the workforce. As in many European countries, incidences are currently increasing in Finland. The country with 5.5 million inhabitants had more than 8,000 new corona cases on Tuesday.

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