Because of a vacation photo: 74-year-olds are banned from driving all over Switzerland

In order to get the perfect picture of the Zug lake promenade, a 74-year-old man from Germany ignored all traffic regulations. That now has consequences for him, because in future he will no longer be allowed to drive through Switzerland himself.

As the police reported, the man said when questioned that he had spontaneously decided to take a photo at Lake Zug. Without further ado he drove his car in the direction of the water.

However, he was not interested in whether the fastest route was also suitable for cars, because after initially driving on a street, the pensioner switched to the pedestrian and cycle path in the suburbs.

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Trouble instead of photo

Finally he went down a flight of stairs before he came to a stop between a kiosk and the lakeshore and the police were alerted. Fortunately, nobody was injured during the action. The officers carried out an alcohol test on the man, but it turned out negative. Apparently, the driver, who was unfamiliar with the location, really wanted to take the quickest route to the lake to take his vacation photo.

In the end, the 74-year-old was unable to take the perfect snapshot – instead, however, he is now banned from driving anywhere in Switzerland.

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