Because of bet! Justin Timberlake kissed Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpsons, 39, memoir "Open Book" will appear in early February. On this occasion she was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" guest and talked about her autobiography. In doing so, she revealed that Justin Timberlake, 39, kissed her some time ago. Apparently Hollywood beau Ryan Gosling, 39, also had his fingers in the game. Because the two swarms of women had apparently made a bet about who would kiss them first.

Jessica Simpson: It started in the "Mickey Mouse Club

"The Mickey Mouse Club is a children's show from the 1990s that stars like Britney Spears, 38, Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, 39, and Justin Timberlake played in when they were young. Jessica Simpson also participated in a casting at that time part, but went empty-handed. Nevertheless, Simpson later traveled in the same circles as Timberlake and Co.


According to her, there was a "nostalgic kiss" when Justin visited her a few years ago. Immediately afterwards, the singer took his phone and started typing. The written message obviously went to Ryan Gosling: As it turned out, when Gosling and Timberlake were twelve, they bet who would be the first to kiss Simpson – victory for Justin. However, the bet is not known to the blonde.

According to Jessica, the kiss occurred after her divorce – and her kissing partner was of course currently single. So it could have been in 2007 because she was divorced from Nick Lachey, 46, at the time. Timberlake's relationship with Cameron Diaz also ended that year.