Because of corona pollution: The carers are running away in the canton of Thurgau

Every new corona wave becomes a merciless endurance test for the nursing staff. The strong increases in Covid cases in the hospitals in November 2020 and spring 2021 are still in the bones of the helpers. Now there is again an increase in the number of patients in need of care – and with them overtime, short recovery times and great psychological stress for the employees.

In the canton of Thurgau, those responsible are now sounding the alarm. “We now advise a lot of cases of nurses who simply can no longer themselves and get out”, says Barbara Dätwyler, President of the Swiss Professional Association of Nursing Women and Nursing Specialists (SBK) of the St. Gallen-Thurgau-Appenzell section.Tele top». There are stations where up to 50 percent of the workforce would run away.