Because of plans to attack a demonstration: an arrest warrant has been issued against a convicted Islamist

Because of attack plans at the demo
Arrest warrant issued against convicted Islamists

He is said to have searched for “pro-Israel demos” and made plans to attack: The Islamist arrested in Duisburg is to be brought before a judge based on new findings. The investigators see evidence that is “relevant to criminal law.”

The Düsseldorf Public Prosecutor’s Office has applied for an arrest warrant against the convicted Islamist arrested in Duisburg. That’s what an authority spokesman said. He is to be brought before a judge in Duisburg because he is said to have agreed to commit murder.

According to NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul from the CDU, he had informed himself about attack targets “in relation to pro-Israel demos”. The public prosecutor’s office said there was evidence that the accused had been in contact with a person abroad “in a criminally relevant manner.” “According to everything we know, it is a lone perpetrator,” Reul told journalists. The investigation would have to reveal more details.

Special forces took him into custody in his Duisburg apartment on Tuesday evening. The joint federal and state counterterrorism center was also involved in the police operation. According to the Essen police, there had previously been “indications of a possible attack scenario”. According to security authorities, there are indications that the 29-year-old wanted to drive a truck to an “Israeli event”.

The 29-year-old was sentenced in 2017 by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court to a five-year youth prison sentence for membership in the terrorist group Islamic State and served the entire sentence. The 29-year-old appeared in various propaganda videos years ago as a martial IS fighter. However, it remained unclear whether he actually took part in fighting in Syria.

The man from Bielefeld was nevertheless convicted as an IS terrorist by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court on April 6, 2017. He is said to have become radicalized in the Herford Salafist scene in 2012.

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