Because of Russian BTC acceptance? Bitcoin price rally

The past week and especially the past weekend has certainly put a smile on the face of many BTC investors. After all, the key crypto currency has recorded a price increase of around 13 percent in the past seven days. This puts the price for a coin at over 46,000 US dollars. Which price targets are imminent and which level investors should pay attention to in the future is part of the analysis in the BTC-ECHO Invest Podcast by market expert Stefan Lübeck and Jan Heinrich Meyer.

Top & Flop Coins

In addition to the positive development at BTC, Stefan and Jan discuss the outstanding performance of Zilliqa (ZIL). Because with a price increase of a whopping 140 percent, ZIL even outshines the extremely positive development of Convex Finance (61 percent), Holo (58 percent) and ApeCoin (55 percent).

Bitcoin Rally on Russian Gas and Oil?

The focus, however, is clearly on the topic that is probably the main reason for the strong price increase, namely the acceptance of Bitcoin as a means of payment for Russian oil. You can find out what long-term effects the announcement could have on the price of Bitcoin in the podcast.

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