Because of the corona crisis: Netflix is ​​canceling two series

The Netflix series "The Society" and "I Am Not Okay With This" should get a second season. But nothing comes of it.

The coronavirus costs two Netflix series the already decided sequel: The second seasons of "The Society" and "I Am Not Okay With This" will not come about. "We are disappointed to have to make these decisions because of the circumstances created by COVID," "Deadline" quotes from a statement by the streaming service. According to unspecified sources, these are said to be uncertainties regarding production conditions and unexpected budget increases.

"My heart is broken"

The first season "The Society" has been available since May 2019. The plot: All the other residents of a wealthy city have mysteriously disappeared. Now West Ham's teenagers must fight to survive together. The cast includes Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon and Sean Berdy, among others. Kathryn Newton alias Allie Pressman reacted in an Instagram video to the surprising series end. Among other things, she said: "My heart is broken."

"I Am Not Okay With This" premiered in February 2020. It's about Syd (Sophia Lillis) struggling with high school, family dramas, and unrequited feelings for her best friend. On the side, she has to keep her budding superpowers in check.