Because of the corona pandemic – continuous use: No vacation at the professional fire brigade

The comrades of the professional fire brigade in Klagenfurt are currently not to be envied. They have been in constant stress since the beginning of the pandemic and hardly have any longer recovery periods. Because of Corona, there is a permanent on-call service and a holiday ban.

The 80 members of the BF Klagenfurt were divided into groups due to Corona so that the entire team would not be absent in the event of an infection (the “Krone” reported). “These four groups never come into contact with each other,” says BF spokesman Wolfgang Germ. But it is not only this safety measure that has been with the emergency services for a good year and a half: “We are on permanent standby duty, so we cannot travel abroad for long periods of time. There is currently no vacation like before Corona for us, “emphasizes Germ.

And this regulation should apply until the end of this year. Mayor Christian Scheider: “Since we have to be prepared for a further increase in the corona numbers, it is necessary to maintain this.”