Because of the traffic light’s climate targets: CO2 price climbs to record high in EU

Because of the traffic light’s climate targets
CO2 price climbs to maximum in EU

For companies in the EU, CO2 certificates are becoming more and more expensive. In order to be able to emit a ton of emissions, they now have to pay more than 74 euros. At the beginning of 2021 it will be 30 euros. The future German traffic light government has probably contributed to this.

The price of pollution rights in the EU has climbed to a new record high. The emission certificates issued by the European Union cost 74.39 euros per ton at noon, which is more than ever. Since the beginning of the year, the CO2 price has risen from under 30 euros to over 70 euros.

The price per ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) climbed by two percent compared to the previous day. Analyst Barbara Lambrecht from Commerzbank attributed this to the coalition agreement between the traffic light parties in Germany presented on Wednesday. The SPD, the Greens and the FDP are therefore “relying on rising CO2 prices as an important instrument” in climate policy.

You want to ensure that this price does not fall below 60 euros per ton in the long term. With CO2 certificates, companies acquire the right to emit greenhouse gases. Trading in the certificates is intended to encourage them to produce in a more climate-friendly manner. So far, only companies in the industrial and energy production sectors as well as air transport within Europe are subject to emissions trading in the EU.

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