Because of threats from Russia: Report: USA wants to station nuclear weapons in Great Britain

Because of threats from Russia
Report: USA wants to station nuclear weapons in Great Britain

15 years after withdrawing its nuclear weapons from Great Britain, the USA is now apparently planning a return. According to a report, Washington wants to station nuclear warheads in Suffolk, Britain. Corresponding contracts should already be in place.

The USA plans to station nuclear weapons in Great Britain again. The reports the British newspaper “Telegraph” citing Pentagon documents. The weapons are to be stationed at Suffolk air base northeast of London, one of the last two military airfields in Great Britain used by the USA. According to the newspaper, the papers contain contracts for corresponding systems.

It would be the first deployment of US nuclear weapons to the UK in 15 years. As the threat from Moscow diminished after the Cold War, Washington withdrew its weapons in 2008. According to the report, the current project is a response to the growing threat from Russia. The planned deployment follows reports that the British army is not prepared for a military confrontation with Russia and corresponding warnings from high-ranking military officials.

According to the report, the nuclear warheads that are now to be deployed on British soil are “three times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.” The documents also show that the Pentagon is providing new equipment for the base in Great Britain, including ballistic shields designed to protect military personnel from attacks on “high-value assets.” Construction of new housing for American forces working on the site is also scheduled to begin in June.

Neither the Pentagon nor the British Ministry of Defense would confirm the report. According to the Telegraph, London only said: “It remains a long-standing policy of the United Kingdom and NATO not to confirm or deny the presence of nuclear weapons in a particular location.” The US currently has warheads stationed in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey as part of a NATO nuclear weapons sharing agreement.

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