Because of wind gusts – tent overturned: Tyrolean life-threatening injuries

Fatal incident on Saturday in Innsbruck. A tent set up for an event overturned due to a strong gust of wind and hit a volunteer at the event in the head. The 81-year-old local was seriously injured.

A strong foehn caused not only headaches for numerous people in the Tyrolean capital on Saturday, but unfortunately also an accident with serious consequences.

81-year-old was brought to the clinic
During an event, the tent set up for this purpose was raised by gusts of wind and various objects whirled through the air. “When the tent came off the ground and tipped over, a volunteer at the event was hit in the head and fell seriously injured,” the police said. The 81-year-old Austrian was brought to the Innsbruck clinic with life-threatening injuries after first aid.

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