Become happy: The word “enough” is irreplaceable

You will never be happy if you don’t know that one word

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Why is it so difficult for us to just be happy? We keep thinking that we still need something for our happiness. It can be that simple.

At the end of the day we all just want one thing: to be happy. But why can we never really succeed? Tim Schlenzig, the blogger behind, has found an exciting answer to this question. We only need one word to be happy.

In his first book, “Find Your Inner Monk” (Duden-Verlag, 144 pages, 12 euros), Tim devoted an entire chapter to this phenomenon. You can read it here:

Where do we find our happiness?

Psychology: You will never be happy if you don't know that one word

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“Luck is waiting for you around the next corner! Don’t be satisfied!” Companies want to tempt us to think this way with the help of their billiard advertising budgets.

Us employees who look up so hard that we go blind (“Don’t squint, it stays there!”, My mother said earlier). Us buyers: inside of shit that is a bit hotter than yesterday’s shit or the shit of the neighbor. Us people who let themselves be locked up in offices and overcrowded subways and bursting shops.

The good thing is: MORE is always possible. The bad thing is: MORE has no end.

You will never arrive if you think your luck is always behind the next goal you have reached. Because the more, the further, the better that you are looking for shifts endlessly, mercilessly.

The search for more is as insatiable as a baby without a mouth. You will surely achieve goals along the way. If things go well, even one at a time. But at some point you may collapse, as many of us do today. Without getting one step closer to your happiness.

An almost forgotten word

There is a good word that is unfortunately more and more forgotten today. Creeping, unnoticed, it disappears like the past of an Alzheimer’s patient.

It’s a word that is critically endangered, like so many other species. Threatened by employers who want to see us toil more and more; of commercials and TV shows trying to convince us that we are worthless without a perfect figure. Without a perfect hairstyle. Without a perfect apartment. Without exotic journeys and without that goddamn new vacuum cleaner robot that can roll up the walls with its 95 programs and predict the weather at the same time.

It is a good word that we desperately need to revive if we are to breathe more freely and live more easily. It’s the word “enough”.

Why do we try to do everything better, faster, better – including ourselves? Just because maybe, theoretically, it is possible? It is also possible to eat while standing on the head, practice Kamasutra, or memorize a dictionary. And yet (almost) nobody does that. Because it doesn’t really make life any better.

Why do we never have enough?

Enough. Enough work for today. Enough money in the account to be happy today. Achieved enough. A car with enough horsepower, a smartphone with enough storage space and enough friends on Facebook. Enough leisure activities and travel. Enough optimized. You don’t need to squeeze everything that is possible out of you and your life like a lemon. Enough minimized. You don’t need to be anorexic about yourself and your visions.

You waited long enough to make your own way. Enough foreign expectations met. Jumped over the bar even though you’d rather sit, crawled when you actually wanted to sprint. It’s enough. You are enough

(from: “Find Your Inner Monk” by Tim Schlenzig)

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