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Discover the new range of Pampers, specially dedicated to older children prone to bedwetting. With Ninjamas Pajama Pants, the brand helps break the taboo of bedwetting, and provides a concrete response to the needs of families.

Your child is prone to bedwetting and you are looking for a way to reconnect with dry nights? Pampers has developed a product to deal with this situation and accompany everyone towards cleanliness.

Child enuresis: Finally practical and discreet protection

Ninjamas Pajama Pants was developed with the expertise and absorption performance of Pampers. This novelty guarantees up to 12 hours of protection against leaks, for better manage bedwetting and allow your child to wake up with confidence !

The instant absorbency technology of these sleepwear underwear helps absorb moisture immediately. They are specially designed for older children, from 4 to 12 years old: available in two different sizes, they include a 360° stretch waistband that adjusts to all body types.

With Pampers, bedwetting is no longer a worry or cause for stress. Range Ninjamas Pajama Pants is equipped with silent materials QuietCloth » that minimize noise, for complete protection in complete discretion.

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A real plus for managing bedwetting on the parents’ side

We are talking enuresis or “wetting the bed” to refer to the involuntary urination of children during the night. These are by definition uncontrollable, since they take place during sleep. Although they are common in very young children, they can occur much later, that is to say after the age of 5 years.

Although it is very often a transient problem whose causes remain benign, children prone to nocturnal enuresis need to be accompanied. Indeed, it can undermine their self-confidence. Ninjamas pajama pants help your child to live this period with as little discomfort and inconvenience as possible.

If the Ninjamas Pajama Pants are not designed to prevent bedwetting, however they provide a reliable means of handling accidents should the need arise. For example, if a child is going to a sleepover, if the family is going on vacation, or if a child is simply not ready to sleep without nighttime protection. This choice also makes life easier for parents, who no longer need to change wet sheets every morning. Absorbent nighttime underwear can reassure children if necessary, and help them fall asleep with confidence and wake up serene in the morning, ready to face the day!

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Because bedwetting doesn’t just happen to others!

According to a study of German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, approximately 750,000 children are affected by enuresis in France. In addition, another survey¹ reveals that nearly 8 out of 10 parents still find this subject too difficult to discuss.

However, while bedwetting remains commonplace in 1 in 2 children between 3 and 4 years old, it continues to affect more than 10% of 5-7 year olds and even 2 to 3% of adolescents. These figures are quite easily explained: each child develops physically and physiologically at his own pace, which explains why the control of the sphincter of the bladder can be more or less late.

Nocturnal enuresis is the involuntary flow of urine during sleep – a fairly common phenomenon in young children. There are two types of bedwetting:

  • Primary enuresis, for a child who has always wet his bed during the night (80% of cases)
  • Secondary enuresis, when the child has already managed to control his bladder for at least 6 months, but the bedwetting is back.

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Ninjamas’ advice to better fight bedwetting

Why is my child prone to bedwetting? The causes of this pathology can be varied. Among them, we find excessive urine production, genetic factors or deep sleep with difficulty waking up. In case of concern, parents can also consult a doctor who can inform them, advise them, help them identify the cause or causes of these nocturnal accidents to make them appropriate recommendations.

No need to scold a child who wets the bed regularly: it is probably already an embarrassing moment for him, so avoid adding to it! On the other hand, this problem should not be treated as a taboo. You have to talk to the child about it, explain the situation simply and help him through this period.

If you know your child has a tendency to wet the bed, he can use Ninjamas Pajama Pants! Thus, you rely with confidence on the expertise and performance of the Pampers brand, at the origin of this new product. At the same time, be sure to limit the consumption of water and other drinks after 6 p.m., favor low-mineralized water and limit salty foods. Remember to encourage your child to go to the bathroom at least 5-6 times a day, and especially just before bedtime.

  • Take care of your child’s sleep

You should not consider waking your child during the night to limit incidents, however frequent they may be. On the contrary, you risk disturbing his sleep and his well-being, which will not help him in his fight against bedwetting! On the other hand, you can make it as easy as possible to access the toilet at night (by installing a night light in the hallway, for example) to avoid further blockage.

Pampers Ninjamas Pajama Pants helps break the bedwetting taboo and discreetly accompanies families affected by bedwetting. Pleasant to wear, discreet and absorbent, they are also appreciated by consumers for their quality / price ratio and their reliability. Trust the expertise and performance of the Pampers brand to make your life easier!

¹ Ninjamas Breaking the Bedwetting Taboo Survey, UK.

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