Before a summer break of several weeks: the last generation is planning actions against the rich

Before a summer break of several weeks
Last generation plans action against rich

The sticking actions of the last generations stir up resentment in parts of the population. Thousands of ads are placed, followed by a raid. The climate protectors now want to change their actions and are aiming for a new goal by the summer break.

After an interruption in the road blockades in the past few weeks, the climate protection initiative Last Generation now wants to launch targeted actions against “the rich”. Starting next week, they want to “go to the symbols of modern wealth” and “draw attention to the ruthless waste of the rich,” according to a “summer plan 2023” by the group, the validity of which was confirmed on request. The federal government allows “super-rich people to destroy our livelihoods day after day”. The climate catastrophe is made “primarily by the rich”. No specific actions have yet been announced.

From July 15th to August 6th, the group wants to take a kind of summer break and interrupt their activities. From August 7th there will be a campaign in Bavaria in particular, also with a view to the state elections there. In the fall, Berlin will again be the focus of protests.

Criminal organization allegations

The climate protectors had repeatedly blocked streets in Berlin and other cities since January 2022, sometimes getting stuck. They call for more decisive action by politicians for climate protection than before. In May, the Bavarian police and public prosecutor’s office searched 15 of the group’s apartments and business premises in 7 federal states. The allegation was to form or support a criminal organization.

After the raid and the blocking of some accounts, the group received 450,000 euros in donations “in a very short time” via a supporter initiative, she emphasized in her communication channels. At the same time, further donations and help were requested and various training courses were offered. For example, normal demonstrators or participants in group actions are initially not allowed to speak to the press, but “must” first attend an “Introductory Press Training” and two “practice sessions”.

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