“Before my father left, I was starting to get used to the idea that I would never talk about it”

“It clicked. » As obvious. In January 2021, Emilie discovers on Instagram a testimony video of an incest victim. A story among all those circulating at the time on social networks, in the wake of the Duhamel affair, named after the political scientist accused by his stepdaughter Camille Kouchner of incest on his twin brother, in the book The Big Family (Threshold, 2021).

“The lady was telling what her father did to her when she was young, and I said to myself: well, that tells me something”, remembers with a detached tone the 19-year-old girl, long auburn hair and a bright pink vest. Without really understanding why, she shares the story in turn on her account, knowing full well that her father “watched [ses] networks, even if he pretended not”. Sitting at his side, his sister Laetitia, two years his junior, agrees. “He was a computer scientist, he mastered all that. » The two sisters, whom we met during a public meeting of the Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence Against Children (Ciivise) in November 2021, agreed to receive us, at the end of January, in their family home located next to Bordeaux. They tell how the revelation of incest, a year ago, blew up their family.

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The night she shares the video, their father goes to see Emilie and tries to get an explanation. “I didn’t want to talk to him, I asked him to leave me”, continues the young woman. The next day, he returns to the charge: ” What is happening ? You haven’t spoken to me since you posted this video”he asks. “I then asked him if he didn’t have something to tell me… My father was my best friend, I told him everything…she remembers. He replied that he was sorry… He said to me: “I loved you too much, that’s why”. »

Confessions that create an explosion: “A lot of memories come back all at once. Flashes, of what had happened in particular in hotels, during holidays. » Immediately, she wants to know if he “did the same thing to Laetitia”. She asks him ” thrice “three times, he promises her that she is the only one to have been sexually abused.

“And I, who saw nothing…”

Two days later, the father of the family leaves the family home. In the evening, he does not reappear. “Mom called the police, she was completely freaked outremembers Emily. After a few hours, I told him everything. She told me to call Laetitia. » The latter, a refugee one floor higher, overheard their entire conversation. Contrary to what her father claimed, Laetitia was also a victim of incest on his part, during ” several years “. And unlike her sister who concealed it – as sometimes happens in situations of sexual violence – the youngest has not forgotten. For example, she has precisely remembered the last attempt to approach her father, six years earlier. The family was in Alsace, for a wedding. “He came to see me in my room in the morning, and I pushed him away, I told him that I didn’t want to anymore. It was the first time that he came directly naked, without his clothes., the green-eyed girl said simply. She was 10 years old.

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