Before school starts – high activity and breakdown in Vienna’s test streets

Before the first lesson after the holidays, there is a lot going on in Vienna’s vaccination and testing streets. “Everything gurgles” was made more difficult.

On the weekend before school starts, the City of Vienna called on all channels to please send the children to school or kindergarten on the Monday after the holidays, after being tested by PCR. Education Minister Martin Polaschek (ÖVP) also sent a broadcast to call for tests after. Those who cannot present a current negative PCR test result have to do an antigen test at school. In Vienna’s largest vaccination and test street, in Vienna’s Austria Center, the “Krone” local inspection on Saturday afternoon showed that the feared rush was at least on the Test roads are still missing. A long queue could only be seen at Impfstrasse. “We are very well booked for today. But there is enough free test capacity “, says Stefanie Kurzweil, spokeswoman for the Arbeiter-Samariterbund. Fault in the everything-gargling findings portal At an extremely inconvenient time there was a fault in” everything gargles “on Friday evening, specifically on the findings portal of Lifebrain. People received the email with the link to download the findings, but the website could not be reached. The results could only be called up with the sample number on the Leadhorizon website, but the range of tests in Vienna is being expanded further. The PCR test capacity of 3.5 million tests per week should be available as early as next week. Absolute top value in Austria. “We will do everything we can to counteract the dangerous development of infections and closures in the area of ​​public life,” said city chief Michael Ludwig (SPÖ).
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