Before the cinema release: police thriller with Marvel stars is already streaming on Netflix


“Catch the Killer” will bring you an exciting serial killer hunt in the cinema from October 2023. We’ll tell you how you can already stream the film on Netflix.

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Major Hollywood blockbusters are released almost simultaneously around the world these days. Just imagine if “Barbie” had only been released in German cinemas at the end of August! Through articles, pictures and memes in the social media, the German audience would have already known the entire content of the film and could have saved themselves the trip to the cinema.

The situation is different for smaller productions. Here the demand is not so great from the beginning and the film distributors can take their time, with a delayed release gaps in the cinema schedule can possibly be filled. This is currently happening with “Catch The Killer”.

Can she stop a serial killer?

In the USA, the film was released in April 2023 under the title “To Catch a Killer”, in Germany the planned theatrical release in August was postponed to October. Not a hard blow for film fans, after all, “Catch The Killer” has been largely under the radar so far.

In Canada, the crime thriller with a celebrity cast has now become known to a larger audience, where it is already running on Netflix. Good news for German fans of stars like Shailene Woodley or Ben Mendelsohn, because with a trick you can already see “Catch The Killer” in the stream.

In addition to a regular Netflix subscription, all you need is a VPN service. This allows you to bypass the country blocks of the streaming service and you can easily access the offer from Canada or from other countries.

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It will probably be a while before the film makes it into Netflix’s German news program, on October 5, 2023 the cinema release of “Catch The Killer” is due in Germany.

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