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Before the new season, FC Zurich is reluctant when it comes to goals. With Omeragic and Gnonto, two important personalities are still open.

Shortly before the start of the Super League season, FCZ are much more reserved than the Young Boys. While the Bernese, dethroned by the Zurich team after four seasons, declared a challenge to the competition (“We clearly want to become champions”), the champion writes modesty on the flag.

“It’s still too early to say a goal,” said coach Franco Foda, sports director Marinko Jurendic and President Ancillo Canepa in unison. They want to build up stability in the next few years, be in the top 5 every year and always play in Europe, Foda only specifies.

Canepa blows the same horn: “It is important for us that we reach the next step in terms of quality, develop further and become a little more flexible tactically. Then the results will come by themselves.”

Of course you are ambitious. Not least because you can start the season with a good feeling. Before the start of the game against YB, the President’s emotional state is “joyful”, the mentality is right. “We have prepared well and have worked intensively over the past few weeks. It’s good that it’s starting now.”

The question marks Gnonto and Omeragic

You are definitely competitive, according to Canepa, the squad has “at least as good a quality as last season”. With Assan Ceesay, Blaz Kramer and Ousmane Doumbia, Zurich have to cope with important departures.

But with Yanick Brecher, Antonio Marchesano and Blerim Dzemaili you could hold “the framework, the foundation” of the team together, as sports director Jurendic puts it. And FCZ is convinced of the four newcomers (Cheick Conde and Ole Selnaes for midfield and Jonathan Okita and Ivan Santini for attack). The right characters have been found that ideally complement the team.

Nevertheless, there are still two big question marks hovering over the master. It is still not clear whether top performers Becir Omeragic and goalgetter Wilfried Gnonto will stay at the club. Canepa says: “Logically we would have liked to extend with both, but it always takes several parties who agree.”

Behind Gnonto, whose star rose in the international matches in June is known to be “halfway across Europe”. But the President insists on the “market price” that he is asking for the Italian. There are at least ten million in the room.

No matter how it comes out in the end, the FCZ is relaxed. «We stay cool. We will definitely find a solution and are prepared if there are any changes to these personal details.” Perhaps it’s also due to the open future of Omeragic and Gnonto that the champion remains so humble just before the start of the season.

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