Before visit of Kamala Harris: North Korea provoked with missile test

Before visiting Kamala Harris
North Korea provokes missile test

North Korea keeps threatening the region with missile tests. The latest kills are reported shortly before US Vice President Kamala Harris visits South Korea. Harris also wants to visit the heavily fortified border between the two countries.

North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles at sea just a day before US Vice President Kamala Harris was due to visit South Korea. This is reported by the South Korean news agency Yonhap, citing the military. The rockets were launched shortly after 6 p.m. local time near the capital Pyongyang and flown in the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan (Korean: East Sea). Further details were not disclosed.

UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from testing any type of ballistic missile, which, depending on the design, can also carry one or more nuclear warheads. These are usually surface-to-surface missiles. The missile test came just a day before US Vice President Kamala Harris is expected in the South Korean capital Seoul. She is scheduled to meet South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol there on Thursday. She will also travel to the heavily fortified border between South and North Korea.

Tensions in the region have risen following a series of nuclear-capable missile tests by North Korea this year. Most recently, the North Korean military fired a ballistic missile on Sunday. In addition, the country is reportedly preparing to launch a submarine ballistic missile.

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