Bella Hadid brings back 90s hair color

Known to be a pretty brunette, supermodel Bella Hadid has decided to change her mind. For this, she set her sights on a very popular hair color in the 90s.

Certainly, model Bella Hadid has not finished reviving the beauty trends of nineties ! The young woman whose outfits regularly echo key looks of the 90s, does not hesitate to adopt the essential beauty treatments of this decade as she desires, just like other starlets of her generation such as Kendall Jenner among others. But let's face it, Bella Hadid is very good at making these forgotten beauty trends that she is often one of the first to dare to bring them up to date.

After adopting many hairstyles vintage (bun tied with a crab clip, two framing locks left free with raised hair, half a ponytail, or even an explosive bun with hair flat on the front) for a day ( or an evening), the star model is now redoubling her daring and lastingly transforming her hair by adopting a coloring which reminds us of the two-tone hair of a certain Spice Girl by the name of Geri Halliwell. A surprising transformation for the pretty brunette who was until then true to her hair color despite an unexpected brief switch to blonde a few months ago, before turning brunette again. Exit therefore for the beautiful Bella the various deep and greedy shades of brown that she usually wears wonderfully, she now sports a lighter coloring with light red highlights and enhanced with two blonde locks that frame her face.

It was during her participation in a Zoom on Fashion conference organized by the American Vogue magazine that the young woman unveiled her brand new hair color. This is what it looks like now:

Bella Hadid appropriates the two-tone hair trend with flying colors

Its version of the two-tone color popular during the nineties is certainly more subtle than that of the singer of the famous group whose intense red we remember punctuated by two excessively discolored strands. The young woman displays framing locks that are thinner than at the time and her targeted lightening on the front hair contrasts more harmoniously with the rest of her hair. But this new coloring inspired by the 90s is still a real beauty bias because it completely transforms the pretty model known for her brown hair which usually distinguishes her from her blonde sister Gigi Hadid, who is also a top model.

It is clear that Bella Hadid is still as sublime with her new hair color inspired by the 90s and that she is certainly on the way to becoming her best ambassador.

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