Bellefond on France 3: a Koh-Lanta veteran in the casting of the new unpublished episode of the police series

A year after its launch, France 3 is broadcasting, this Tuesday evening, the continuation of the adventures of Bellefond, played by Stéphane Bern. In the cast of this second episode: one of the winners of the famous TF1 adventure game.

From Koh-Lanta to fiction, there is sometimes only one step. In the fall of 2022, France 3 launched a new detective series, called Bellefond.

The famous France Télévisions host Stéphane Bern plays Antoine Bellefond, a prosecutor who is not kind to the criminals who cross his path. But one day, one of them, innocent, commits suicide in court.

Shocked, Bellefond decides to put his career on hold… until his niece, whom he hasn’t seen in years, reappears and asks him for help. Also a professor of criminal law, Bellefond agrees to return to service to defend his brother-in-law, accused of murder.

He plays the new client defended by the main character

In the second new episode of the series, broadcast this Tuesday, November 28 at 9:10 p.m. on France 3, Bellefond, who has chosen to permanently leave his position to become a criminal lawyer, agrees to take charge of the defense of Romain Delage, a professor accused of rape by one of his students.

Romain Delage claims he is innocent. If he is telling the truth, Bellefond does not want the real culprit to remain at large and ready at any moment to do it again. Always accompanied by his three best students in criminal law, Bellefond therefore decides to lead the investigation.

To play Bellefond’s client during this new episode, the series called on François-David Cardonnel, who is none other than… the winner of the sixth season of Koh-Lanta! In 2009, the latter also tried his luck again in the first version all stars of the TF1 adventure game, at the end of which he finished seventh.

Already seen in The charity bazaar Or Like kids

Since 2006, the 39-year-old former adventurer has come a long way and has never really left the small screen since he became… an actor!

At the beginning of the 2010s, François-David Cardonnel multiplied small roles, appearing in an episode of season 6 of Section de recherche (TF1, 2012), in La petite histoire de France (W9, 2015), or even in an episode from season 16 of Alice Nevers: the judge is a woman (TF1, 2018).

Subsequently, the winner of Koh-Lanta obtained more important roles, such as in the last season of WorkinGirls (Canal+, 2016), Insoupçonnable (TF1, 2018) or Le bazaar de la charité (TF1, 2019).

Recently, François-David Cardonnel was seen in several Murders in… (Murders in Granville in 2020, Murders in Mulhouse in 2021, and soon in Murders in Arles), but he especially obtained one of the main roles in the Belgian series Adèle ( since 2018), as well as a recurring role in Comme des gosses (M6, since 2022).

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