Ben Affleck: Extremely annoyed by the paparazzi in Paris

Ben Affleck
Extremely annoyed by the paparazzi in Paris

Ben Affleck married Jennifer Lopez in July.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez honeymooned in Paris. The paparazzi present there became a test of patience for Affleck.

Ben Affleck (49) has no understanding for the paparazzi. At least that’s what an insider claims opposite “Page Six”. A few weeks ago, the actor and his wife Jennifer Lopez (53) spent their honeymoon in Paris. There, the two were literally besieged by photographers. Although Affleck and Lopez are used to the flashbulbs, it has become too much for the “Pearl Harbor” star in the French capital.

Princess Diana level photographers

“Ben freaked out a bit in Paris,” says the source. The amount of photographers was a “whole new level”. Almost at the level of Princess Diana at the time, as the insider explains. “Ben’s used to the photographers. But on his honeymoon, it felt like a tsunami for him. Jen’s steel and knows it’s part of the game, but he still gets really annoyed,” the insider says.

From the time Lopez and Affleck were first dating (from 2002 to 2004), paparazzi followed their every move. They even had to postpone their first planned wedding in 2003 due to the media attention. At the time, the couple considered hiring bridal doubles as bait for the photographers.


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