Benjamin and Aurore Castaldi parents again? Confusing confidences of the person concerned

Married since 2016, Benjamin and Aurore Castaldi are parents of a little Gabriel, born in 2020, who fills them. However, the casting director made an innuendo that says a lot for the sequel.

“I thought I would never fall in love again, having suffered with all my separations. But I have found absolute happiness for seven years: we are still in an all-consuming passion” entrusted Benjamin Castaldi Public in March 2021. Happy as a couple, happy parents since he forms with Aurore Aleman, a beautiful blended family, it seems that they are missing nothing. And yet…

Benjamin Castaldi, soon to be a dad again?

Invited to Jordan, on Télé-Loisirs, Aurore Aleman made a fairly unequivocal innuendo “I would love for him to have a daughter” she said, even then that her first pregnancy for Gabriel had been a five-year and tumultuous journey, via in vitro fertilization. In addition, at 45, the announcement of her pregnancy to the couple’s respective children caused an uproar “You’re too old, you won’t make it, we won’t get up at night, we have a life”, had she heard herself say “Children are super selfish“, added the young woman. Still, once he came into the world, Gabriel made the whole Castaldi clan gaga. So? Ready to go for a ride? “We were thinking of a fourth not long ago. I love having babies. My mother tells me I’m crazy. But Benjamin, he’s like me”revealed Aurore Castaldi, who assures that the couple wanted to have “at least two children” together. Benjamin Castaldi being the father of four boys, his beautiful hopes to give him a daughter. The discussion is in any case on the table, Aurore Castaldi having indicated that the couple “discussed it” . Maybe we should prepare for a new pink notebook at the Castaldi.

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2/12 –

Benjamin Castaldi, finally happy in love
Since 2015, he has been making perfect love with Aurore Aleman, whom he married in 2016


3/12 –

The TPMP host is very friendly with his colleagues
They regularly share the sets of the famous show


4/12 –

Benjamin Castaldi could make Jean-Pierre a new grandfather
The patriarch of the Castaldi clan could finally pamper a granddaughter


5/12 –

Benjamin Castaldi has found new life in this love story
He says he is happy as on the first day


6/12 –

Aurore Aleman, ready to become a mother again?
At Jordan’s she mentioned the idea of ​​having a little sister for Gabriel


7/12 –

Aurore Aleman already has several children
But she says she is ready to go for a ride!

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8/12 –

They love each other like the first day.
Benjamin Castaldi has finally found love in the arms of Aurore.

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9/12 –

The couple’s little boy is two years old.
Their baby boy, Gabriel, was born two years ago.

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10/12 –

Benjamin and Aurore Castaldi want to become a father again?
Aurore would really like to have a little one with her lover.

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11/12 –

They met in 2015.
The two lovers got married in 2016.

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12/12 –

An angel dad.
Benjamin Castaldi is very close to his son Gabriel.

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