Benjamin Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni: flashback to the “crazy” night of the birth of their daughter

Benjamin Biolay is an artist. The kind of talent that turns everything he touches into a golden disc and a golden statuette. At the dawn of his 50th birthday, St. Clair, his new album, is about to be released. If it looks promising and full of success, the opus will probably never come close to its greatest successes: its two daughters. Discreet but no less attentive father hen, Benjamin Biolay returned to one of the nights that marked his life forever: the birth of his eldest Anna, the fruit of his relationship with the actress Chiara Mastroianni.

In the pages of Marie Clairefor which he spoke at the heart of an evening in a Parisian restaurant, Benjamin Biolay confided in the most “crazy“He’s been through so far. The first time he became a dad is obviously one of them,”a beautiful spring night“: “It started at midnight“, he specifies. The future mother, then in early labor, is taken by the singer to the maternity ward, a journey during which they cross the most beautiful avenue in the world. Far from being impressed by her imminent delivery, Chiara Mastroianni, an inveterate smoker, is already thinking about the aftermath: “On the Champs, his mother wanted to stop to buy cigarettes when she no longer smoked.

Anna pointed the tip of her nose on April 22, 2003, to the delight of her parents, divorced since 2009. No public heartbreak, clashes in court or settlement of accounts by the media. Benjamin Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni have passed the breaking test with flying colors: “Chiara is the woman of my life, my half, from a certain point of view. […] We remain a family” he said about the actress. The latter confirmed: “I say as a joke that we get along better now than before! We have a great relationship, it’s true. It’s the result of a will, because we have a child together.“A smooth separation that unfortunately not everyone has the chance to experience.

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