Benjamin Castaldi, absent father after his first divorce? His son’s secrets about this difficult period: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Simon Castaldi revealed intimate moments from his past duringa discussion with Sam Zirah in the show In complete privacy, on YouTube, Sunday February 11, 2024. During the exchange, his childhood was discussed, in particular the period when he reconnected with his father, Benjamin Castaldi, after his parents’ divorce. After his participation in the show The Fifty on W9, Simon Castaldi embarked on a new adventure with the filming of Welcome to the monastery, alongside personalities such as Fabienne Carat, Clara Morgane, Delphine Wespiser, Jean-Marc Généreux and Paul El Kharrat. An experience that he describes as lived “silently.”

During this interview with Sam Zirah, Simon Castaldi then returned to his past marked by the divorce of his parents, explaining that his father was also going through a difficult period. He shares poignant memories. “I have many memories where he was crying in the car with a song from Marc LavoineThe sunflowers”, he shared. He also spoke of the early presence of a stepfather in his life, emphasizing: “I had a lot of paternal presence, but I missed a dad.”

Simon Castaldi: “It was very hard for my mother”

Simon Castaldi also revealed the setbacks linked to the media coverage of his family: “My father explodes when he divorces, he gets together with Flavie Flament. My father leaves my mother [Valérie Sapienza, ndlr.] for Flavie. […] At the time, it was the people love story. […] It was very hard for my mother. He then said during his interview: “At 16 I was able to live with my father”. According to him, it was his meeting with Aurore Aleman, his current wife, who gave him “put my feet back on the ground.” He said that previously, he only saw his father one weekend a month for several years. The discussion also turned to the period of 2011, marked by the end of Secret Story and an “big fall” by Benjamin Castaldi, his presenter, who took him to Los Angeles to start producing shows. Simon Castaldi explained that at that time he didn’t see his father much.

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