Benjamin Castaldi: Cold with his ex-wife Flavie Flament? An answer that says a lot…

In 2002, Benjamin Castaldi married Flavie Flament, met two years earlier on the set of a show for TF1. From this story will be born a little boy, Enzo, in 2004. But the media romance of the power couple television will end in 2006 before the divorce is formalized in 2008. Since then, what are their relations?

On the set of Do not touch My TVon February 21, Benjamin Castaldi and the rest of the columnists discussed the come back from the cult show Stars at home on TF1 with Flavie Flament at the helm. A return that was made without fanfare bringing together only 3.2 million viewers. “It was predictable. I remember, I had experienced it from the inside at the time, because I was with Flavie. And when a person went to see Patrick Bruel in concert and when she returned home, Patrick Bruel was at the piano, frankly I had tears flowing. There was a real thing. There, the surprises, it was by-products, they were just knocking on the door“, commented Benjamin Castaldi.

The columnist, now remarried to Aurore Aleman, did not fail to point out that the presence on the air of his ex-wife was not highlighted enough in this return from Stars at homeregretting on the contrary the too great place granted to Caroline Gavignet “which makes all the surprises (…) but hey it’s not the star of the program, it’s rather the host.” Which raised a question from his comrade Valérie Bénaïm who wanted to know if it was a choice of Flavie Flament to be in the background. Astonishing answer from Benjamin Castaldi: “I don’t know, I don’t talk to him much anymore.” It was enough for Cyril Hanouna to make fun of his columnist at the four weddings. “When he says more, it’s not at all“, he reacted.

In view of the slews of revelations made regularly by Benjamin Castaldi in TPMP on his former marriage – he recently mentioned an SMS which had put him on the trail of infidelity – we can understand that the former couple keep their distance …

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