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Benjamin Castaldi and his wife are madly in love. So much so that the couple made an unexpected decision. The chronicler of Do not touch My TV gave an interview with Close, to be published on Friday April 2, 2021, on the occasion of a prime time dedicated to the 20 years of Loft Story which will air on Thursday, April 8, 2021. “With Aurore (Aleman, editor’s note), I am announcing that we will remarry in the summer of 2022. To celebrate the new world! “, he announced to our colleagues, almost five years after his first marriage to his sweetheart.

Benjamin Castaldi and Aurore Aleman said to each other “Yes” August 27, 2016. It was then the fourth marriage of the television host, who had divorced Vanessa Broussouloux, three months earlier. It must be said that the face of the PAF and the casting director were struck by “love at first sight”. This is in any case what the star of the small screen told in Cyril Hanouna’s talk show, on C8, Tuesday March 9, 2021. “I did not know her, we had never met. In fact, she was working upstream, and I was working after”, he had remembered. To recontextualize, at that time, the presenter was in command of Secret Story, while Aurore Aleman was in charge of selecting the candidates for the reality show. “We collided and the magic of the attraction happened and we kissed. Like in the movies”, he continued with an open heart.

From parents to angels

On August 27, 2020, Aurore Aleman and Benjamin Castaldi welcomed a little boy named Gabriel. On January 15, 2021, the 51-year-old dad shared a photo of his little one, on Instagram. “My little beauty!”, he wrote in the caption of his son’s face, it couldn’t be more crisp. A publication that obviously touched his fans. “Baby’s love! Well done parents!”, “This is the spitting image of her daddy”, “Beautiful little baby”, Beautiful family “, we read among the comments.

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