Benjamin makes a big decision for his relationship with Maurine, “I can’t”

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In the new episode of Married at first sight this Monday, June 5, Maurine and Benjamin try to explain themselves after a half-hearted honeymoon and a week without having seen each other. A discussion that the young man wanted and in which he puts things flat with Maurine.

The new season of Married at first sight bows out tonight, Monday June 5, 2023. Almost two months after its launch last March on M6, viewers had the opportunity to get attached to the new candidates who made the most of the program. Among them are Benjamin and Maurine, of Spanish origin and 82% compatible, the two lovebirds met for the first time in Gibraltar in front of the mayor.

A meeting that the young man, Benjamin, was impatiently awaiting, but that Maurine experienced quite badly, very stressed the young woman let herself be overtaken by events. A behavior which somewhat worried the experts who had to intervene in order to help the young woman to live her experience more serenely. A half-hearted start that failed to take off during their honeymoon. This Monday, June 5, we find the young couple in the last episode of the season. While they haven’t seen each other in a week, their relationship remains “very cordialaccording to Benjamin:We are on a very friendly thing (…) I have the feeling that she is avoiding me a little bit (…) She still has not entered into this game of seduction.»

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A situation that deserves clarification

After a week of separation, the young couple found themselves with the young man for a weekend. The opportunity for Benjamin to invite Maurine for a walk on the beach and thus take the opportunity to put things straight with his partner. It is also the young woman who speaks first to ask her husband how he feels and how he lives the experience. It was then that the latter put the card on the table:I’m divided. I have the impression that we are not going at the same speed, it slows me down a bit in the sense that I don’t get a lot of feedback from you. I can’t live this story alone (…) I need a little to receive“.

A situation that Maurine explains that she has no control over: “Feelings can’t be controlled and if it doesn’t come, you have to accept that it won’t come“. A discussion that allows the young man to realize that they are not on the same wavelength and that they do not want to move forward in the same way: “She needs to go at her pace, now I need to go at mine. I won’t do much more“. It remains to be seen if the situation is recoverable and if the two budding lovers have decided to continue the adventure together.

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