Bennett Foddy returns with Baby Steps, the hardcore walking simulator

Nate is what is commonly called a big larva, or a Tanguy, when you are a fan of Étienne Chatilliez. From the height of his 35 years, he is still wrapped up in his awful onesie, slumped on his sofa eating crisps, his eyes riveted on the TV. But one fine evening, he finds himself teleported against his will into an enigmatic dimension shrouded in mist. Falling headlong into the mud of a swamp, he has no choice but to relearn, painfully, to put one foot in front of the other.

“Oh hard, it’s not the foot”

An atypical concept, to say the least, which is carried by Bennett Foddy’s grain of madness, but also by Gabe Cuzzillo and Maxi Boch, whom we discovered with Ape Out. walking simulator in the radical sense of the term, baby steps is entirely managed by a physical system where we have to manually manage the position of our two legs. Beyond a skillful deconstruction of movements in video games, Mr. Foddy will certainly intersperse a narration in the watermark on the feeling of failure and stagnation, as he had already magnificently explored with Getting Over It. Obscene difficulty isn’t just masochistic delirium: this gameplay tells you a story. Better, it makes you live it.

Cherry on the cake : baby steps will simulate in real time the dirt on our onesie so that our failures are clearly visible. After three hundred meters, we will already have the face of a Jackson Pollock. Strongly that the speedrunners take over the game to abuse it in every way and prove their mastery…

You would have understood it, baby steps is a project to watch for fans of indie experiences. Expected release in 2024 on PC and PS5.

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